Wyze Cam OG - Released 1/17/2023

… or Wyze can create a modular system where users can swap the lens themselves. Or use an optically zoomable lens.


Thank you, I understand now. The OG and the V3Pro both have functioning SD Card Buttons, but the V3Pro (and also the PanV3) lacks the Next Event and Previous Event navigation buttons.

This would be a great new request for the #wishlist.

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Thanks! My V3 pro doesn’t have “Jump To SD” or “Playback” when I click the event thumbnails.

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You are correct. I edited my post because I was using the incorrect terminology. I apologize.

They all have the SD Card button that will bring up the SD Card Footage UI.

But, In addition to the lack of Next Event and Previous Event navigation buttons, the V3Pro and PanV3 also lack the “Jump to SD” button in the Recent Event Viewer UI that redirects the viewer to the specific SD card timestamp for the Recent Event being viewed. On the V3Pro and PanV3, that function is only found when viewing events in the Events tab.

Consistency and standardization in the UI between cams has never been a Wyze strength.

Another great candidate for the #wishlist. Post them up and I will vote for them.

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saw this camera overseas while back last year when searching with google , thought it was what pro was based on

Care to post a link?!!

Can the back usb port of the wyze floodlight power up an OG camera bundle (OG and telephoto) @WyzeJasonJ

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I would venture to say yes on the OG bundle…

Wyze has stated that it will power a PanV3. That ships w\ a 2amp power adapter. The dual OG bundle only ships with a 1.5amp power adapter. Based on this, I would say the two OG cams draw less power than a single PanV3.

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Yes , I forgot where I heard or read this but yes the back usb port could power up 2 OG cameras

If you have the stack kit, you can power up the OG and the telephoto but I can’t seem to find where I read this.

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Looks like someone beat you to the #wishlist on this “Jump to SD” request.

Here is the link to the #wishlist topic to vote for it:

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