Wyze Cam not in Smart Home section of Alexa App

I have a Wyze Cam 2 camera with a bridge, 2 contact sensors and one motion sensor. When I open the Smart Home section on the Alexa app I can view my 2 contact sensors and the one motion sensor however I can not see the camera. I would like to use the camera to turn on a light when it detects motion either via by creating a Routine on Alexa or IFTTT.

Is there anything that should be done to view the camera under the Smart Home section?

Have you decided he the discover devices again? Wyze skill is enabled right? I am guessing so since the sensors show up … Just trying to trouble shoot.

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Thank you very much :smiley:

I have disabled the skill and re-enabled it as well. I recreated all my groups too. For now I have managed to create and applet on IFTTT that triggers the action. It would’ve been nice to do it all from Alexa though. I can see the camera in Alexa but I can’t set up any routines for the camera at all. Another thing is my Sonoff switches do not work as well. At least I am getting some exercise on the IFTTT platform :joy:

Far as I know that Wyze/Alexa feature is not available yet with the cams.

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The camera routines are not available, however, the rest of your products should show up when you try to make routines.


Yes that is correctly what I was trying to say to OP …


Thank you all. I appreciate the feedback very much :grinning: