Wyze cam killed itself

I came home.the other day and my wyze cam and pan was turned too far and the eye was rolled up as far as it could go and would no longer power on. Already contacted support and a new unit is on the way. My father took a look at it, the dead unit, and the power cable was all twisted up, he straightened it out and it powered back on so I set it back up on its mount, reprogrammed it so it scanned three areas again, after a short time it was still scanning but was about 90 degrees off on the saved spots. It then tried turning a full 360 and died again, if I manually turn it back the power comes back on. Not sure how but it seems to have forgotten where to stop when rotating, I just did a factory reset, and the moment the yellow light comes on it turns clockwise until it twists the cable inside and kills its power. When I first got it it would turn clockwise to almost the power adapter in the back, then counter clockwise to almost the power adapter then ran great for a while, no issues at all. After about 9 months it would scan as usual, then reset it’s position, then scan, then reset it’s position, every few minutes, up until the other day when it tried going all the way around. I assume it’s just a dead unit now just thought I’d post in case others had a similiar issue, maybe a fix.

This is an issue some have had, whatever controls it from going all the way around fails and then it just spins and the cable twists until it pulls off. I have not personally had it happen or I would open it and look. It is an issue though and I am glad you got it squared away with a new one on the way.

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I knew i had seen photos somewhere, it was Facebook I saw them, lose track of where I see things