Wyze Cam IoT Connection Randomly Failing

I have personally noticed and at least 4 other complaints have been made in the wyze discord:
Recently cameras, floodlights and (1 report of home monitoring) are appearing offline in the wyze app, but some functions such as live view still work fine. Im unable to restart the device as its just says “Failed” and most if not all the settings dont repond. The only way I have found to fix it is by unplugging the device for a minute. This is not always possible with some deivces such as the floodlight cam. The floodlight cam notably leaves its lights 24/7 when in this broken state. Thanks, just wanted to report my findings.

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Turn off the circuit breaker to that floodlight, then turn back on…


In this case, I think that the IoT connection is offline but the live streaming connection is still online. Commands that go through the IoT connection (rebooting, turning off, changing some settings) may not work in this case because they can’t communicate with our cloud at that time. Meanwhile, the live streaming connection is unimpacted because that goes through a different area. Mind sending in a log and posting the log number here? :slight_smile:


I have only had this happen to my floodlight, which I have since re-set up for other reasons. Will a log I submit now still contain the info you need?

Not to be a bad bowler but your code and server choices should already deal with that. I wouldn’t understand why it can’t be done other than being overloaded with too much to do. This should have been a required part of pre-release testing. Crazy stuff.

Anyway here’s the log if it still contains the info you need: 376957

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I’ve experienced this a couple times in the last few weeks. Once on a v3 and today on a v2. Power cycle fixed it both times. Log submitted: 377034

Edit:. Found another v2 camera that did it. It’s a non critical camera, so happy to leave it in this state if it helps you troubleshoot. Log 377839