Wyze cam hi-def problem

My wyze cam is stuck in standard definition mode I just got it yesterday updated the firmware and it will not go into high definition mode any solutions please help this is not the cam I owned I… I can tell by the kilobytes being downloaded and the picture quality is not as good as my other wyzes cams

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hello @jjl290, what is the connection strength between the camera and the router? You can check this by opening the Wyze app > then clicking the camera your having the issue with > then press the cog wheel at the top of the page > and then press “Device info.”

The Wi-Fi strength was 82%. I tried to reflash the camera that didn’t work tried a different wire that didn’t work. Then I just swapped the camera from the kitchen and put it in the same spot and it worked fine. So the one I was having a problem with I put in the kitchen and now it works fine. I think maybe the camera had to be deleted and reinstalled and maybe that would have solved the problem. But just taking one camera and swapping it seems to have fixed the problem. Thank you for the help

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Okay great, I’m happy that you were able to get the issue resolved on your own. :smile:

Thanks for the reply basically taking the camera from the garage which was the problem camera and putting it in the kitchen. Then taking the kitchen, and putting it in the garage after that everything works fine I don’t know why but it all works now and that’s good