Wyze cam goes offline if app open

As of recent, our cam goes offline if we leave the app open as a monitor for even just a few minutes. The only fix is to unplug/reset the camera. We use ours in the nursery so this is extremely frustrating.

The only thing that has changed is our wifi is now 5g instead of 2g. We have the cam pan 1080p.

Anyone else experiencing this issue or have a solution?

Hello @asquared and welcome to the community

I am guessing you are referring to 5 GHZ and 2.4 GHZ. Your new wifi must have both because Wyze cams will only run on 2.4 GHZ wifi

And because of that it may be in your interest to name your 2.4 GHz network differently from your 5 GHz network. Newer mesh systems try to name them the same.

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