Wyze cam floodlight v2 and cam plus lite

Does the new Wyze cam floodlight V2 support cam plus lite? Or do I need to pay for a higher tiered plan to have motion saved videos?

No devices made after April 2022 will ever support Cam Plus Lite anymore. It’s a grandfathered thing.

The FL v2 and most newer devices will primarily rely on the SD card for linking us to recorded events, the same way as most companies without a subscription do.

The subscription is optional for those who want cloud events, but it’s not necessary. The camera will still work well without a subscription, including notifications and linking you to recorded events on the SD card all for free.

Cam Plus adds a lot of conveniences though, no cooldown, cloud recordings, and AI detections. But it’s not needed, especially if someone is primarily using this as a floodlight that turns on with motion, and just have the camera recording everything just in case you want to review anything.