Wyze Cam Floodlight V2 Ambient Light Sunset to Sunrise not working

Wyze Android App version
Floodlight V2 Version
So I just got this installed. So far so good except the Sunset to Sunrise mode does not work. It won’t turn Ambient Light on even after it gets dark. And when already on it would not turn off even with full sunlight on the device. Anyone experience anything like this?

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Same here…but detection just started again…last one around 1pm…

Same here.

Appears there is no way to configure the Location for floodlight v2 Sunrise/Sunset settings?

Latest Android app
Latest floodlight v2 firmware

Have you given the Wyze app location access? You need to give location access to the app for this to work properly. See the warning on the prior screen in the app.

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Thanks for the response. I did not see any warning or prompt asking for location access. And location permission is already granted. Are you using the Floodlight V2 as well?

I have floodlight pros, but the location configuration in the app appears to be the same.

I am having the same issue. Location services is turned on.

I did a full uninstall/reinstall on Android and confirmed the floodlight v2 configuration pages never ask for the Location permission.
(My other devices with Sunset /Sunrise did request Location permission)

So this is definitely a Wyze App UI bug specific to the Floodlight v2 configuration.