Wyze Cam background data load?

I’ve set up a Wyze Cam V2 as a security camera on a boat connecting to a TP-Link Wifi router which has an embeded SIM card for internet connection. My network provider is recording about 285KB / Hour data traffic from this set-up when in standby mode with no alert triggers occuring and no remote live streaming. What proportion of this traffic would be from the Wyze Cam doing handshaking with the Wyze host?

I can’t say for certain.

Why not run a packet capture and check it out (?)

Thanks for the lead on packet capture. Now trying to get my head round WireShark on my home network before going to check out the system on the boat.

Hmmmm. So no 12 second Alerts? You have Event Recording turned off? And Notifications off?

Alerts are set on in a closed cabin on a boat so alerts would only trigger for an intruder (never I hope).