Wyze Cam 3 stopped working

I originally go the Wyze Cam and then upgraded and replaced all with the Wyze Cam 3 in Dec 1, 2022. All were setup and working as expected without issues. I have 6 are indoors, 1 Wyze Cam Floodlight. This week, all of them started having trouble connecting to my wifi and will work sporadically, ie., it’ll work for a min and then cycle through trying to connect and then results in “failed to connect” I can understand if 1 of the 7 fails but all 7 fails with the same results. My wifi is working fine as all my other devices and computers have no issues connecting and working. Do I just have really bad luck to have 7 break at the same time or is there something going on with the Wyze network?

Having all 7 cameras break at the same time is highly unlikely. It’s either Wyze or your network.

Did you recently update your app?

Have you not updated your app?

What app version are you on?