Wyze cam 3 rtsp why not?

Why do you keep pushing products when you can’t release a simple firmware for cam v3?

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Products produce $$$. Firmware doesn’t.
I guess RTSP firmware may help V3 sales but they can’t fill the orders they’ve got now.


kinda disagree, in that they could fill orders they have if they were focused on that instead of new products

Revenue possibly? RTSP means no need for Cam Plus or even the Wyze app after setup for that matter.

Nah, probably not. They’ve published awkward sign up information for getting a V3 (and effectively raised prices) because they have had so much trouble getting their chips produced lately. They put the V3 in production but their supply has dried up.

I agree. they don’t want to give us firmware BUT they said they would… I won’t buy any more products from them, no matter how “cool” they are. I have a bunch of cams, sensors, door look, etc so I am kinda sad that they disappoint me now. But it’s their business.