Wyze bulbs and types of lighting

So I have a ton of recessed fixtures in my home and would love to outfit them all with Wyze bulbs. Would this be an issue? I’ve been using my bulbs for backyard and front door lighting and so far no complaints… any help is appreciated

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I have recessed lights all over my house. I have 12 Wyze bulbs in them and zero issues.


Just make sure your router can handle all the extra connections. May need to upgrade or come up with a solution for how ever many connections you choose to add.


Here is a comment on home automation in general.

Buy just one at first.

If you like it, and it works well in your situation, buy more.


I put the bulbs in some areas and they seem to be working fine. I’m keeping them at 25-50% brightness, just in case. Plus, 100% is just too much anyway.

Thanks for the help everyone. This forum rocks.