Wyze Bulb Won't Reset After Power Failure

One of my 4 Wyze Bulbs will not reset after power failure today. The other 3 came back (ON), but the 4th was Offline, though it came back powered ON as well.

I tried Deleting it from my account, and resetting it (power ON and OFF 3 times, but it never went into pairing mode. (Tried this 3 times).

fwiw my phone is a Samsung S7, and I had wifi on and data off.

Any ideas before I contact Support.

Thanks much.

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Give it a hour or so if you haven’t already. If you have I’d contact support.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I waited 2 weeks (outa sight outa mind) and tried again today, and success (although the instructions were a little off for my S7 as I had to manually go back to the app to complete the process instead of being automatically returned there).

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