Wyze bulb vacation mode rule

Just got a pack of wyze bulbs and I’m having trouble trying to set up a rule

I want the bulb to go into vacation mode at a set time every night. I’m having trouble setting up this rule , because if I can’t add this rule then I have to go into the app and toggle on vacation mode every single night I need it . Which would be 7 days out of the week

Any and all help, would be appreciated . Thanks


There is no rule for vacation mode.

When you set vacation mode before you leave, the bulbs will turn on and off at random intervals between 6AM-9AM, and 6PM-11PM local time. They will do nothing outside those hours.

When you come back, you turn vacation mode off.


Is their a wishlist item request for this ? This definitely needs to be a rule , and also have the ability to use it during the hours of 11 pm - 6 am .

Can you show me where it shows this ?

Doing a quick search for “Bulb vacation” in the Wishlist section, I came up with a couple possibly related entries. If these aren’t enough, feel free to submit one of your own:

Doing a quick search for “Bulb vacation” in the Support section, I found at least the color bulb entry. If you aren’t using the color bulb, feel free to check the relevant support section. But Vacation mode is pretty universal across devices: