Wyze bulb settings - motion detection integration

Would love to see and am a little shocked I don’t see Wyzecam motion detection integration in Wyze bulb settings or vice versa. Wyzecam settings that turn on Wyze bulb if motion is detected. Including auto timed shutoff settings.

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Wyze Sense is integrated with the bulbs via the Shortcut feature. Instructions on using the Shortcuts feature can be found in the Support link, top right.

Post back if you have trouble setting it up.

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what I would like is for the bulb to turn on when someone enters the room. That I have achieved the way you described. However, getting it to shutoff after motion is no longer detected or say 5 min. after that is uncertain. Setting up a shortcut for everything is cumbersome and for the other non technical people in the house,… well telling the the bulb is automated is one thing. Asking them all to use the app to turn the light on and off, well let’s just say they would vote no joy.

Go figure, I quickly read but thought I was the only one with this request. LOL

I have since read and found that I can accomplish this with a motion or contact sensor.

If true, works for me. :grin:

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I have the wyze bulbs and wyze motion sensors. But i can not figure out how to automate the way i want. I want my bulbs to turn on with motion is detected, then shut off after 10 mins of no activity. I also want this to only happen between 6 and 10pm (Evening time. I did this with smartthings hub in the past, but cannot get it to work with wyze!? help

Unfortunately, there’s no way at present to combine time limits with other triggers in shortcuts. But there’s a #wishlist topic that you can link over to and vote for: Allow schedule AND event to control shortcut / rule triggers. Be sure the click the VOTE button at the top.

I was able to accomplish this not with the motion sensor but with a door sensor. My garage light now comes on when the door is opened and since people sometimes are in there briefly while the door is shut, I programmed it to turn off after the door has been shut for 15 min. Works perfectly.

Oops reread you request. Didn’t see your need to only happen in a certain timeframe. Mine doesn’t do that.

Thanks all! I was able to get my camera to turn on the light when motion is detected. But I was wondering if someone could give a detailed, step-be-step process for getting the light to turn off after a period of no motion. I know it has something to do with creating a rule, but I can’t quite figure it out.


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Just to add something to this, if you are turning on the bulb with the camera motion be sure to turn off the bulb while the camera is in the cool down period or it will sense the lighting change as motion and turn it right back on. I know this from experience lol