Wyze Bulb during Power Flicker

Apparently very early this morning, we had a VERY short duration power flicker. The Wyze bulb and an led on my bedroom TV were the only two devices to react. All the cameras, hubs, Hue bulbs, locks and Alarm systems even the microwave clock survived the flicker with no ill effects. However my Wyze bulb acted oddly and stayed lit? Odd?

I’ll be honest, the bulbs are pretty sensitive to power fluctuations in my household. And, of course, the default behavior after power is restored was for them to come on. And living in Tornado Alley, power flickers constantly…

But I see that the new firmware allows you to specify the state. It can be “On” or “Previous”… will have to test that out.


I will check that option out. Forgot about that! My current firmware which it says is the most current does not appear to have the power on settings. I am running

I only thought to look because of your post… I had forgotten as well.

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