Wyze bulb constantly cooling offline

So I got a 2 pack of the wyze bulbs white about 2 weeks ago . Have loved them so far but I’m running into an issue with my smart bulbs since I got them…

So the bulb will go offline repeatedly , about every 3 days . The app will show its offline , i go and turn off the lamp where the numb is screwed into , and even unscrew the bulb and screw it back into the socket but it still fails to get back online

I have to delete the device and set it up again to add it and get it online .

Another wyze device of mine that has given me nothing but problems :////

I responded to your issue on Discord.

If it’s a singular bulb having issues (this one and not others), after making sure it’s up to date on firmware, etc, contact support. It could be an individual bulb issue. I know a few people have had similar things resolved with replacements in the past, so it’s worth asking about.

If it is multiple bulbs doing this to you, I am guessing it is the router issue, and hopefully your new Mesh router will help with this soon. Even if it is just a single bulb having this issue and not others, it could be an issue based on the placement/location and signal concerns. I think the new mesh you’re looking at will help with this a lot.

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So my wyze bulb white keeps going offline after I got it 2 weeks ago

I’ve did all of the trouble shooting steps I can think of

  1. Turned the floor lamp where the bulb was installed in

  2. Unscrewed the bulb and screwed it back in

  3. Deleted the device from the app

And now when I go go set it up , it doesn’t show on the app . It’s also not flashing meaning it’s not in pairing mode or whatever .

Idk what else to do , any tips please ? Thanks

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Try a factory reset on the bulb…power off and on three times I think. Then you should get a flashing green bulb.

I did that as well and it didn’t go into the pairing mode where the bulb flashes

Have you tried a different lamp/fixture?

Will try it now

Installing the screw into another lamp got the bulb to reset and go into pairing mode !


Now we wait and see how long for the bulb to stay online for …:///