Wyze bulb cannot be reset to factory settings

I was trying to remove the rules/schedules for my Wyze bulbs but no success. Then tried to reset the factory default settings. Again, the bulbs would still come light up at some random times or old scheduled times.
How to completely remove the old schedules/rules of Wyze bulbs?

Welcome to the forums! All schedules are saved in the cloud, no schedules are on the bulb itself. You would have to remove the rules (scheduled, trigger) in app.

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The first thing I did was to remove the rules schedules from the app. It didn’t work, then I tried to reset, it still not working. Now there is no rule or schedule on my Wyze app, but the bulbs would still light up at some random times. Also I named the Wyze bulbs differently. But still magically or mysteriously, the bulbs would light up at random times.