Wyze Buds Pro - Add ANC toggle off and retain ANC state

Negative. The issue is that we cannot set the default mode when you pull the buds out of the case. The buds always start in ANC and you cannot change that setting. I’d personally prefer to have the buds have both ANC and transparency off when I pull them out of the case.


I will say that now that I can hold the button down and quickly turn off noise cancellation without opening the app, this is much less problematic for me. Glad I followed this thread!

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Just pulled out mine and tried it- with success. Much better than digging out my phone and opening the app.

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I see that also in this thread, but that seems like a very diffrent issue than the thread was originally used for

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Remember last ANC status

Please add a functionality to maintain the last ANC status. Buds Pro default to active ANC. If ANC is turned off, that state should persist between usages, instead of reverting to active ANC.

An auxiliary option could be to configure the default ANC status. This would allow anyone to set ANC to default to off when removed from the case.

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Wyze Buds change default noise cancellation mode

Please create an options to choose your default noise cancellation mode. The noise cancellation “on” mode creates a sensory issue for me, so having it automatically kick on a few seconds after I put a bud in my ear is alarming. I’d love to have the option to change the default to bide cancellation “off”

ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) retain state

Please update the firmware of the ANC devices so that they can maintain the state they were last used in.
i.e. Wyze Buds Pro: Used with ANC off should have ANC off the next time they are used. They same should be true for the ANC Headphones.

Please, make this simple adjustment by adding a setting to “maintain ANC state” or “default ANC state”
You could, instead, make a setting that would allow you to change the order of the ANC state functions which would allow the user to determine the first state and each sequential setting if desired.

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