Wyze Bridges not working

The last month has been madness for my wyze sense products. I’m resetting bridges constantly.


I had the same problem with a bridge and found the following procedure successful. Power the camera that contains the bridge OFF (unplug it). Remove the bridge. Then power the camera ON. After the camera displays its LED as a constant blue light (indicating it is connected), then plug the bridge into the camera and wait for the LED on the bridge to display as a steady blue light. If the camera and the bridge both display their LEDs as steady blue lights, the sensor(s) that were installed to that bridge should function. If these sensors still do not function, try deleting one of them and then reinstalling it to the bridge. If none of this works for you, you may want to log this to the support group for a solution.

I’m having the similar problem. Suddenly my sensors stopped responding. They work (red LED still blinks) but that is all. The routines I created do not work and the sensor’s status in the app does not change. The bridge has a blue solid light and I rebooted it several times. I tried to install it in other camera but the name of the bridge did not change and it cannot work to add sensors. I put the bridge back in the first camera and tried to reinstall one of the sensors. Camera said that pairing was successful but the sensors are not working.
Do not know what to try next.

No I found that there is a gap between the moment when sensor activated and the information in app about the sensor’s status. This gap is about 5 minutes. Cute.

This happens often and drives me crazy…I usually go in and revert to a previous firmware and that helps some times…but I think this is a server slow down issue. Hey mods…any ideas?

Damn. I wasted more that a hour to figure out that something is happening on the Wyze server.

Yep just updated looks like server maintenance

It would be great to receive such notifications in the app. Just not to waste time on searching the problem.


Thank you for this info. I didn’t even know there was a Status place to know about outages. I have bookmarked it!

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I “Hearted” your comment. A notification in the app would be nice unless the app notification would be delayed just like all the other notifications/actions.

Actually I received the notification in app, but it was delayed even longer then the light in my restroom.

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It has been 16 months and I am very pleased to say that my past problems noted in this thread have been solved by the new Wyze Sense Home Monitoring system. Not only do I love the new security service and price point but I am thrilled with the new Wyze Sense hub which works great with all Wyze sensors V2.

Excellent work Wyze, you turned a frustrating experience into an awesome one. For those reading this thread, if you purchase the Wyze Home Monitoring System the Wyze Sense Hub will give you excellent reliability for all V2 sensors. Yes, you have to ditch the old sensors that work with the USB thingy plugged into your cameras but the new Sense Hub is awesome. Incredible range and works flawlessly for me.

I have the same problem with my Bridge/sensors
Reported it to Wyze, offered to purchase a new bridge. But was told that basically the product is no longer supported and I will not be able to get help from Wyze. Sweet
I was a big supporter of Wyze and have many of their products
But with horrible support like this, I have purchased my last Wyze product !!!

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I’ve tried all the troubleshooting methods and nothing has worked (removing sensor batteries, tried using a new bridge, power cycling). I only have one camera inside the house so I can’t move the bridge to another camera.

It was working perfectly fine for the last two weeks.

My bridge stopped working. When i checked my app, the last time it recorded any sensor activity was March 18th. That coincided with the March firmware release. I downgraded the firmware in my v2 cam and plugged the bridge back in and it’s working again. Hope this helps

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I understand that a new firmware update has disabled the sensor bridge, but I am very unclear on exactly how you can roll back the firmware to an earlier version. Advice, please.

If you have details/proof I suggest we file a claim with BBB

There have not been any firmware updates to disable the sensor bridge, I still have a bridge running and the camera it is plugged into is up to date.

I had the issue with my bridge stopping working after the March v2 cam firmware update. The only thing that restored functionality was rolling back the v2 cam firmware to the previous version. Its pretty easy. Follow the directions here:

Here is my original post detailing my problem: