Wyze beta persistent notification

So i know the wyze weight persistent notification was fixed but i have another one that says 'wyze beta is running"… I was hoping this can get looked at. Not sure if its software related, i have tried several things including stopping the app but it only lasts a while before it’s back.

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are you on android or IOS?

Android 10

I had the same issue. I long pressed the notification and turned it off so I’ll never see it again. My mi band 4 doesn’t have a persistent notification. It probably shows up because they haven’t followed the right way Google wants them to handle background services.

Yes, it also started within the last two updates.

When I long press on the notification, I’m given 5 separate notification options,

  1. Wyzenormal
  2. DownChannelService
  3. WyzeBandService
  4. WyzeBeta
  5. Miscellaneous

What am I supposed to disable to get rid of this persistent notification from the beta app? Clicking on any of those 5 options above takes me to a separate screen with options for each one.

Please give me some clarification as to what I can disable to get rid of the notification while still getting the notifications I want from the cameras, motion detectors, and the open/closed sensors.


I did the down channel once or twice separately and still had it pop up again. So what I did was unclick the one above that turns off all of them automatically and it hasn’t popped up again, but I’m still getting camera notifications. Hope that helps.

Thanks. I had updated the app a couple days ago but the notification didn’t show up until I rebooted the phone this morning.

Same here. I imagine the notification is there to make sure the app doesn’t get killed by the OS, therefore allowing to receive notifications. I wonder, if I hide the notification, do I lose this effect? Since I had issues with delayed notifications for a while, I decided to minimize the notification instead of hiding it completely. It has no icon in the top bar of the phone and it has almost no visual impact when opening the notification drawer, but at least it’s still there and I hope it will help with more timely notifications

I began experiencing this as well yesterday starting when I rebooted after installing the May update for Android (Pixel 2 XL). Running Wyze Beta version 2.10.71.

The solution i provided above works perfectly well.

Tried your solution Phubu, but stopped receiving updates for the cameras when I did it (specifically the door open monitor attached to the camera). So that doesn’t work for me.

Sadly, I don’t even use the beta, so this rubbish ‘feature’ found its way into the release version too. Bah.

This is how I have it set up. It allows the regular notifications from cameras and sensors, but I don’t have the persistent notification anymore.

Hope it helps


Thanks Alberto. Works perfectly, and I still receive the camera notification correctly.

Hey Wyze, why are you making your products less desirable like this? Confusing direction to take. I guess Wyze don’t read these forums, but still, doesn’t make much sense.

That’s exactly how i have it