Wyze being a little bit bogus triggering reinstalls - has it for others?

Since before some warning from Wyze about their online something maybe causing problems, my cams are requiring reinstalls, and it is so not convenient. Probably have to leave the cabin without them working tomorrow. This the situation for anybody else?

For one cam the situation has been that it shows Offline in the iOS app, but it does record motion and shows the view when clicked. The other two just go back to the mode as if they are not installed, show Offline, and have to be reinstalled. Too many times. Cannot restart the device or anything, and it is a big hassle to get them from their perches looking outside with background window light blocking, so… In a word - sucks.


Have you got another device with the WYZE app on it? Does it work the same way?
Try uninstalling the WYZE app then installing it again.

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Thanks for the idea. No other device for another version of the app. We do have WiFi plugs the cams use for the purpose of remote recycling a cam when no-can-do from the app and the cam is dead in the water. Turned out “rebooting” two of the three cams ironed out their problems. The one cam I keep having to reinstall (newer, and is one of two black ones ordered at Black Friday time or whatever that is when they are available, not that such should make any difference, but it is newer) just suddenly with the slightest nudge that certainly doesn’t push any buttons goes into the “Ready To Connect” mode (with the audio message). So must be something about the cam. But when we’re back in several days I will try reinstalling the App and making sure all the upgrades are in…

Stay away from WYZE, I was dealing with them for years and they could not or would not resolve my issues.

Never use a WYZE product for real security!

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Hmmm… Not really what I was looking for - I do like Wyze for the price, and it’s more about fun (filming foxes, skinks, bears outside at night mainly using an IR Light), so not really security. Wondering if you are so anti-Wyze you are on their forums? Do you work for another security camera company? (just sarcastically asked…)

Who would? Their cameras were never made for “real” security. WYZE didn’t tell you that they were did they?

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Nope, just so anti-WYZE that I’m trying to help others see the truth.

I too only use them for fun, the devices that are still working that is.

I spent many hours working with tech support and developers, sending in many log files and videos and trying many different firmware versions.

Like anyone else, I would like to have this info to make a better informed decision.

Take from it what you will.

Good luck.

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Thanks for your perspective, and yes, when others run into such info it is helpful. Take care.

Wish I knew the answer… Such a promising company in the beginning

my first camera worked ok for 2 years . this year with wind and bright sun it was recordind all the time i was having to delete events 60 at a time finally i just turned it off in the afternoon. after 2 weeks of this it would’ne come back on line and would’nt comunicate even after reloading the app and camera. I have recently purchased 2 new ones they are working fine but if they fail before a years time I’ll expect a replacement Craig

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Hope they won’t brick your micro SDs like mine did. Even SDs that I purchased from WYZE.

Good luck!

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You don’t have to delete Events. They get deleted in 14 days.

They have a 1 year warranty.

If the cameras don’t work…what are they good for?
By the way, they in fact ARE advertised as being used for keeping an eye on things. A security system?..no. But, for remote viewing…yes.


Ever since their server issues a month or so ago, I’ve been having problems with their motion sensor and Alexa integration - but only with non Wyze lights. The ones with Wyze lights are working.

I WOULD assume Alexa was the problem, except this started with the server outage.

My TP-link smart switches and generic smart plugs are working properly with the wyze motion sensor before and after the outage. Have you tried relinking all the separate skills?

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I think they’re still shaking out things related to that outage and there are other issues regarding their servers and their interaction with installed user devices

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I modified my original topic/question wording. My initial question was mainly about a cam suddenly behaving like it needs to be installed, without touching the reset or anything. My “Wyze has gone bogus - has it for others?” original subject line seems to have attracted a bunch of Wyze general issues and negativity, so I changed the subject to: Wyze being a little bit bogus triggering reinstalls - has it for others?
Hope that’s clearer, and note that none of my cams have done it again since I asked!

Sorry, we took your post way off topic.
It does sound like a hardwsre defect.

chuckle… no worries. The Cam may have become a bit finicky, but I’m not so finicky! thx

Maybe and maybe not Angus, I’ve had mine do strange things and I never touch the camera so as I’ve mentioned before I think Wyze has access to our cameras that we don’t know about and I think they blow out changes now and then that don’t work out

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