Wyze Bathroom scale

Looks like everyone’s gonna be pounding out those puns.


Hi All, we will provide instructions once the beta test is ready, still in the development at this moment. Thanks for your patience.

There are already so many scales like this out there. I have the withings scale. I guess it would be nice to have it in the same ecosystem so there would at least be one less app I need installed.

I would rather see focus on other areas…

–outdoor cam (one actually made to be outside :slight_smile: I have 2 indoor cams outside that have been working fine)
–doorbell cam
–smb option


@WyzeAlex Are you with the product lead team? Thanks for the update.

Hi Aniu … the weight is killing me! Can’t weight to get the beta underway! Let us know when we can opt in!

Yes, I am. Thanks!

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Yea this one doesn’t really make sense to me. It doesn’t really tie into the other products.

The only way this makes sense is if it has a camera in it so you can see how big your butt is while you’re weighing yourself.

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I hope this product comes soon. I need to know how much my bathroom weighs.

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Hope this isn’t how Wyze is testing the scale. :rofl:

Edit typo.

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That looks like some really good testing. If it passes that it should hold up well.

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This was my thought too… that being said, I love the company and the current scale I have is horrible… like the cheapest possible analog model so I’ll probably buy it to support Wyze. The fact that they aren’t pulling away people from other teams working on things I’m far more interested in from Wyze has me less bothered, and thereby willing to support. One ecosystem is great, and likelihood that as these sorts of products like the scale become more widespread I’ll probably buy one is pretty high, so might as well just get the jump on it.

That and for a company like this, that is so consumer focused I’ll give them a pass on a lot if they have passion. Betting this scale is someone’s passion project since it seems so out of left field.

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Yeah. It’s not quite as “smart home” related, but they explained here that they had an opportunity with a manufacturing partner. My understanding is that it’s based on existing hardware, which cuts down on cost and development time.

I also speculated here that it might be part of a larger expansion or into wearables or health-related products. If so, those products might interact with each other in interesting ways, even if it doesn’t make as much sense for a scale to interact with, say, lights or cameras.

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there is a way if they made a full color spectrum light bulb to work the wise scale into home automation. If You gain weight, your house will use nothing but red light (wyze bulbs)until you lose that weight again lol


I made a similar joke here. Haha.


We are both maven’s for reasons like that. :slight_smile:. Great thought path!


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