Wyze Base Station possible incompatibility with Wi-Fi 6 Deco X60 router

Interesting, do you mind sharing your Deco X60 settings, like which features are enabled / disabled, IP LAN submask and so on?

I could not setup my base stations even using the ethernet cable directly connected to the Deco X60 router. The blue light stays solid blue for less than 10 seconds and starts to flashing blue again.

I have a TP-Link X60 mesh network setup in my home and I’m having similar connection issues with the Outdoor Base Station. Plugging it directly into one of the X60 units as a router I’m able to complete setup but when I attempt to switch to WiFi it fails, just get the blinking blue light.

I’ve confirmed the base station will connect to other WiFi connections fine so it’s not a hardware issue, almost certainly the X60.

Things I’ve tried on the X60:

  • set SSID to 2.4g only
  • SSID with no spaces or special characters (confirmed this isn’t an issue because latest firmware works with SSSIDs with spaces)
  • simple, short WiFi passwords
  • IPv6 disabled
  • all TrendMicro antivirus services off

I’m at a loss what to try next, will have to leave it on a wired connection which limits the placement oprions.

Has anyone been able to get Outdoor Base Station working on TP-Link X60 mesh network?

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Ok, looks like I’ve found the solution. If I disable “Fast Roaming” on the Deco X60 network then the Wyze Outdoor Base Station connects (and stays connected) to my WiFi network without a problem. Switching the “Fast Roaming” back on causes the outdoor base station to drop off again.

My other Wyze cams work fine on the same Deco X60 WiFi network with “Fast Roaming” on or off, it’s only the Outdoor Base station that needs it off. Maybe Wyze can address this issue so I can leave “Fast Roaming” on?

Hopefully this helps others with the same setup!


Installed Arris SB8200 modem (WPA3, 1GB) with Arris Surfboard MAX6600 Wi-Fi6 with Subnet Mask Outdoor Cam/Hub not catching Wi-Fi. All upgrades up to date. Looks like Wyze needs to look at a software solution to accept WPA3 and whatever else is preventing Wi-Fi connecting. The hub setup keeps dropping the password. When re-entering, it flags “FAILED”. All other Wyze devices work flawlessly including 2 flood/cameras, doorbell, 4 cams, 2 door sensors and monitor system on wireless. Only one not working is the outdoor hub/cam.

Just want to say that I just discovered this as well. Specifically, it’s the Wireless-R protocol that I had to turn off (It’s on the Deco 3600, labeled as Fast Roaming Switching.) Just in case they need a more specific name to look out for.

As I understand roaming protocol, there is a need for a second access
point to switch the low signal strength (below -75 dBm) of the initial
broadcast to the second.
I have but one access point, the router.
Is the hub considered an access point?
Should I assume that your problem is solved?

I do not have one device receiving below -75 dBm.
Furthermore, the outdoor cam hub is placed within 5 feet of the router
and cannot connect Wi-Fi.
I have been adding subsequent 2.4 devices without a problem.
We should not have to reduce security by turning off WPA3 or degrade
router response for one device; the hub.
If the hub is confused by router banding and/or other enhancements, then
Wyze needs to produce a fix as more and more users switch to Wi-Fi 6.
I believe that there is a software fix required by Wyze.

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Even the very basic, default, wired happy path setup never worked for me after all this time with the Wifi 6 router, it only worked with an old router.

Unfortunately even with all the features disabled (included the one you mentioned) I was never able to make my outdoor base station work using wired setup.