Wyze Band: Turning off power and haptics

I don’t know if this has been solved, since it was mentioned a couple of months ago when the Band first came out.

Is there any way to turn completely off the Band? That should be simple, right? I don’t use it anymore and I don’t feel comfortable leaving it to drain till 0% before it shuts itself off 10 days later. I do not think that is good for the battery.

In the same vein, is there a way to completely shut off the vibration notification? I’d earlier suggested a setting for different levels of vibration but saw nothing from Wyze regarding that. My Band vibrates like crazy, loud enough to be heard downstairs if put on a wooden surface in the room upstairs.

Fix these, Wyze.

I don’t think you can turn off your band. I can’t turn off my previous Fitbit devices either. Not sure if you can with other bands. Thanks for reminding me to convert it from early access wish. I moved your thread to ask the community since the band has been released to the public.
There’s now a wishlist item for the haptic feedback.

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