Wyze Band Screen Timeout increased duration options

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I don’t have access to that private group…but I’ll take your word for it! Thanks.

ahh, sorry…it’s just the wyze FB beta group, anyone can join :slight_smile:


Why isn’t there an option to adjust the screen timeout? There isn’t much time to read the Weather, or pick a Shortcut for example.

If you look at the posts above… It looks like they are looking into it.

When a notification arrives on the Wyze Band the screen doesn’t stay on long enough to read them.

My Pebble watch has the ability to stay on for 8 seconds… just the right amount of time.

Considering the band holds a charge for a week, I’d be willing to charge the band more often if the screen would stay on longer during notifications.

Make it a choice in the settings… Choose screen on time… 3 sec 5 sec 8 sec etc.



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As posted by m.w.hayes70 in the following post that is in the early-access-wish, I would like to request a feature to allow the time to always be displayed.

While I’d be okay with the time displaying on a black background, I realize a few additional features could really extend the usefulness of an always on display, so, instead of recreating a feature list, I just copied m.w.hayes70’s list below:

  • Since the screen is AMOLED, I propose a mode without a picture to conserve power. Just a configurable brightess/color with a time only option (could show the pic if you wish as well).
  • Allow Time, Time and Date, Time and Date and Pic
  • Allow schedule of this option. Ex: wake alarm till sleep, always, when awake, or time range
  • Allow configurable brightness to help with power
  • Allow configurable font/size to help with power
  • Allow ‘show battery’ on this mode

Thank you for the consideration!

I would like the watch notifications to last a bit longer. By the time I free my hand and roll my wrist over the notification has cleared. I understand that it will effect battery life but for me it would be more of a benefit to me to see the notification without having to unlock the screen and look up the note.

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Sorry for error. Makes sense

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You can set the display on duration time now. I believe it was with the FW (August 10, 2020) update.

Thank you!

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No problem! Sorry for the late notice.

With the introduction of Flashlight - this is an awesome tool! It’d be great if flashlight overrode the screen time and stayed on until turned off.

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Can you please let me know where? I’ve looked through all the settings I could find and didn’t see that option.

Let me flag the @mavens to see if someone can help. I haven’t used the watch in awhile so I’m not familiar with the settings anymore.

I assume you mean Band, not Watch. The watches don’t have a variable display on duration.

Go into the Band’s home page on your list of devices. You will see a vertical column of icons. At the bottom will be a gear icon. Touch that. Then touch the pictorial “Settings”.

Towards the bottom you will see Display on duration. Touch that. Then set it to any time up to 10 seconds.

@cheaplikeafox – This Wishlist item was resolved almost a year ago. Can we get it marked as “Launched”? Any new requests should go to new Wishlist items, one request per item. :slight_smile:


Yeah I meant the band. Sorry for the confusion. I’ll see if can get updated to launched. Thanks.


Ugh. I meant the watch and would be great to get an option for a few more seconds.
Hard to time a pulse when the screen goes dark.

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oh. Yeah the watch screen timeout options are only on the band unfortunately. This wishlist item below has requests for this option.