Wyze band push when motion detected

I just recieved my wyze band today and was wondering if it is possible to have a push notification sent to the band when motion is detected on a specific device. I have a motion sensor and the contact sensors in various places but I would love for the band to receive a notification when they are activated. Currently the notifications go to my phone but would love to have the band just give a simple “motion detected on xxx device”

yes, I get motion notifications on my band all day, just activate it in the notification settings in the band section of the app

@Ken.S is right-just be sure when you initially pair the Band with your phone you allow the notifications to be sent to the Band. On my IOS device this is a popup that comes after the pair request.

I can get it to work with my phone and band but would really like to just have the notification on my band

My understanding of the way this works is that the band has to go thru the phone for this, Alexa and other functions. It needs to be within Bluetooth distance.