Wyze band & Nexus 6

New Wyze band (this week) won’t connect to Nexus 6, Android 7.1 keeps asking to restart bluetooth and try again which I have done several time

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My new band is initially recognized by my Nexus 6, because I can see the 4-digit code, but every time I get “Pairing Failed.” I tried all the advice I could find: restarting Bluetooth, rebooting the band, uninstalling the app, forcing restarts, but always the same result. Even successfully connected to another device and updated firmware on the band, then completely disconnected from the other phone. Very frustrating, but seems to be something between the app and the phone.

Same here, I had to use another phone to get the Wyzeband to work (display time etc…) nothing what so ever got it to work with Nexus 6

Is there any chance of this getting fixed? I got the band paired with a ZTE phone. Why can’t it work with a nexus??