Wyze band is showing D480 on the screen

I don’t know what happened the display just shows D480 on the screen

I can’t do anything else on the band. I tried reconnecting it to bluetooth and my phone says wyze rejected the connection.

Any idea on what’s wrong?


@leahj Welcome to the Wyze community! Your Wyze Band is currently in pairing mode. Try these steps below to connect to the Wyze app.

  1. Open the Wyze app, then tap + > Add Device > Wyze Band .
  2. Connect your Wyze Band to your charger and plug it into a power source.
  3. Once it activates, wait for an alphanumeric 4-digit code to appear on your band’s screen.
  4. On the Wyze app, tap on the matching 4-digit code that shows on your Wyze Band display.
  5. When “Confirm the binding” displays on your Wyze Band, tap OK .
  6. When the clock screen displays on the band, you’re all set.