Wyze Band Display Layouts

I too would like screens to remain longer. Could this be user adjustable or would that just add clutter?

I would really love to see some additional watch faces that have added information displayed. Specifically I would love to see the current temperature or temp and a small weather icon displayed below the clock.


Just to tack on to this idea I would also love to see the option to display the phone battery level next to the watch battery level on the home screen.

Since I no longer have teenage eyes, I’d love to see a simple option for a clock face that contains time, day, and date - having them cover the whole screen. You have a couple, but the one I use only uses half the screen. Perhaps something like:


The alternative could be to be able to customize the clock arrangement, putting whatever you want on the screen, locate them, and change the size/font, etc.

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I can’t see the battery percentage even with glasses on. Did someone with 20 10 vision design the clock faces? There are plenty of unused real estate on all clock faces. Please get us a custom C.F. designer ASAP.


Please create a screen that has the day, date and battery life scale, see attached


Has Wyze stopped further development on the Wyze band? I would like to see more watch faces that better take advantage of the real estate of the screen. I can’t wait to get my Watch (if the release date is true), but I’d still like to use my band in the meantime.

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I agree. I’m probably going to toss the band and won’t order the watch - at least until it’s been out and I can see it working. My problems, besides no updates on the watch face, are the micro print that they use, along with some of the colors for the print that makes it difficult to read (e.g. medium gray on black - times on the sleep screen). Also the problem when I lift my arm and it doesn’t come on to see the time (about 40% of the time). With everything else they’re coming out with, I think the band has been pretty much forgotten.

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I think since they haven’t even updated the firmware in 3 months they’ll probably kill off the band. Which it was an okay product for the price, but tons more options out there with better features & hardware.

How about a program to design your own clock face for Wyze Band. I would like mine to look like this;

[Battery condition bar chart]
[Time in large numbers formatted hh;mm;sec AM/PM; might have to be on 2 lines]
[Date formatted as yyyy-mm-dd day of week]
[Last measured Heart Rate in bpm]
[Steps so far today (since midnight)]
[Hours sleep in last 24 hrs]
[Next alarm set time]
[Outside temperature]

Quite a lot to ask for, but I expect you could do it to make the Wyze Band more useful and attract new users.


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It would be super duper if we could create our own band faces like other smart bands do. I bought a Mi Band 4 specifically for the thousands of custom faces. Now I have to choose between way better faces or Alexa integration!

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we can create a custom watch face, using a photo or line art loaded on the host Samsung phone. Have loaded several: local sports pro teams, university alumni logos, also the Star Wars Rebel Alliance insignia and a Rolex watch face, kinda fun ones. As well as a recent photo of my daughter. The app keeps an inventory of 10 of them.

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This is not what a mean by a custom watch face. My fault for not explaining better. If you take a look at other bands that allow custom watch faces you can customize everything. The color of the text. The placement of the text. What items are showing on the screen. For example on my mi band 4 I have huge numbers for the time, I also have my steps, heart rate, the date and my battery level.

Yes you can pick from a few pre-designed watch styles and use your own custom background. Hopefully Wyze is working on opening this up.

I would also like the ability to arrange every element on the Wyze band display including font size, color, and even time format in addition to the background image- specifically I want to use the 24-hr time format.

Your description was fine. I too have a Fitbit with a kzillion different watch faces, numeral formats and fonts. As your points are well taken, am hopeful, once past early access, they have more plans on the project list.

I have a wize band and I which if I can have a analog face

Hey! Can you please add more clock face displays to choose from? Like an option to have the time at the bottom, or to one side or the other, while being rotated 90 so you can see most of the screens background, etc. Also I’d love to see more analog options and not just digital.

Also, there needs to be a way to delete existing photos that were already uploaded by the user. It only holds four or a few more, then you can’t add more or delete any. But anyway, please if you could add more clock display faces.

Really want high contrast for the digits and text on the watch face, with custom wallpaper it gets washed into the image making it difficult to read at times. Just a simple black outline of the text/ digits would solve this. But no options have been given yet :frowning: also an option for a custom color of text would be nice too!

If you’re referring to more watch faces then you can vote here.