Wyze band cant sign in/out of alexa

I setup tge band tired to sign into amazon to have alexa conrrol over home devices. It said we need a new email this one is being used. No [Mod Edit] i want to sign into my account so i can control my stuff. Also it said you will be able to sign in with phone number or email later. So it wouldnt let me just frustrated put in some made up email and password thinking i could maybe sign out sign back in or switch acconts. Signed right in to the made up account and now if i sign out and resetup it signs back into made up account. Please help thanks

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Logged out of all amazon based apps i.e. alexa, amazon shopping, amazon photos. Signed out of alexa in wyze app resigned in and had option to sign in with phone number resolves problem if anyone else comes across this issue.