Wyze app won't download onto tablet

I’m trying to download the Wyze app on my tablet but the error message when I try to install the app says to free up space. I haven’t used the tablet hardly at all and have cleared the cache on most of the preinstalled apps trying to free up space, and I also inserted a microSD card but it still won’t let me download the app.
Can anyone direct me what I can do to download the app?

You did not say what kind of device but assuming Android. I no longer have Android bit did at one time Others might know more?

There was an old known issue with the Google Play Store reporting insufficient storage even when there is actual space. (Not including the SD Card as apps do not install on SD Cards but you can move photos and files to them to free up space)

Usually resetting the Google Play Store will fix the issue. You can see how to do this in one section of this article under “Clearing the Play Store Cache and Data and Uninstalling Updates”.

The Uninstalling Play Store Updates will reset the Play Store and force it to revaluate the storage.

Also since you said you do not use it often make sure everything is up to date. OS updates, app updates, etc. and screenshots of your actual storage might help too?