Wyze app won’t take a photo of motion detected

I think it used to take a photo and store it in the album whenever motion was detected. It still takes video, but I don’t think it stores this in the album either. I can see the video events in the timeline, but when I switch to the album there are no new video events or photos.

Please advise.

Thank you,
BJ Leiderman

Yes it should do that for you. Not sure it won’t unless you have changes privileges to access your photos on your device?

I’m talking about simply seeing photos in the Photo section of the Album within the WYZE app. I’m not talking about trying to see my photos in the iPhone/iPad photo albums.

Don’t know whether it would have anything to do with permissions setting on the iPhone/iPad.

Thank you for the response nonetheless.

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The only time it will save a picture to your album is if you tap on the camera icon and manually take a picture

I cannot believe this is an oversight. I think it is an important addition to be able to choose to save movement generated videos and audio to the album.

Movement-generated videos are shown in the “Events” section, not the “Album” section. It sounds like you’re just looking in the wrong place.