Wyze App v2.0 Launched!

Added my battery life comment to that #roadmap

DEFINITELY NEEDS ACCESSIBILITY. I would say testing and conformance to WCAG2.1

Besides that, same as I told the rep on FB, who passed it along, but I figured it can’t hurt to add here too:

Request for a Temp sensor.
It is an invaluable thing considering a temp sensor for a circuit board are so cheap.
It is informative, like in my baby’s room it’s too cold. Let’s turn up the heat. But more importantly it will also provide an additional input/trigger for automation. If wyze detects fire alarm sound, maybe check tem perature to get a better idea which room the fire is in. If temperature starts rising rapidly and suddenly, without a fire alarm, that is another good use case.

Me too.
The 2.x UI designers seem to be more concerned about the app matching the website than usability.
I have added my vote to a couple of the roadmaps.


There is a temp sensor topic in #roadmap that you can vote for. Be sure to scroll up and click the VOTE button at the top:

Great! Thanks!

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Bring back long press on Event video list to select for deletion pls. This would be a more intuitive interaction for both the full event list or after applying a filter.

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Shortcut history stopped updating about a week ago

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Big bug on android 9.0 - if i come back to this app from recent apps, and hit the back arrow on my camera, instead of taking me to home it exits the app and i have to reload the app. this is really annoying.

This. I haven’t seen any history since 1/9/19

When you say hit the back arrow, do you remember which page (Live Stream, Playback or settings) below the camera you were on?

Live Stream, specifically. I’ve attached a screenshot

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Live Stream, specifically. I’ve attached a screenshot

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Hi @Scott56, V2.0 app or above will need iOS 9.0 and up. There was a configuration issue with V2.0.21 which accidentally blocked some old iOS devices. We are going to revert the change in upcoming V2.1 beta and official release. Our alpha app will be released this week and beta is expected to be released next week. Sorry for the short time inconvenience!


My shortcut history reappeared this morning. Anybody else?

Interesting, since there was no version update on my phone or firmware update.

I notified the devs of the issue yesterday. They must have fixed it already. Glad it’s working again!


I seem to have lost the ability to disable motion detection. My Detection Settings (on Android) now only has Sensitivity (for both motion and sound) and detection zone for motion…but no way to toggle either completely on/off. Anyone else seeing this issue?

On my Android the Enable / Disable of motion detection is found under “Event Recording” in the cam’s settings…


@DreadPirateRush looks like whateverfix dev put in for shortcut history was short-lived. it came back… but now seems to be stuck again

++++1 on reverting to the old icons!
Icons should be just that, icons, not logos. Especially when the logo is a four letter word. Uggg.