Wyze app stalls after event notications

Does anyone notice that when the Wyze app sends out an event notification triggered by the camera motion detection, if one attempts to open the Wyze app, it seems that the app would stall for awhile. Not sure if it’s because when the event is generated, the camera and/or the app is busy relaying the captured videos to the cloud? It’s a very annoying behavior!

I’m on iOS and never observed what you describe - at least not yet.
Are you running a recent iOS version?

My iPhone X iOS version is 15.5, which, I think, is the latest version. My Wyze app is at 2.33.0(17).

The stalling occurs when one attempts to access the Wyze app or tap on the notification immediately after it sends out the event notification.


I’m also on an iPhone Xr but using 15.6 (since yesterday that is).

I tried the scenario and could not reproduce what you describe.
Has it been happening for long or just recently? Wyze had server issues yesterday.

I may seems strange but, did you try to restart your phone?
I never do but recently, I had an issue with Duolingo that would get stuck on a page. Their support suggested I restart the phone and, as much as I don’t really believe in these first-level support advices, it did the trick.
I think the underlying embedded Safari module had hiccup.

I have restarted my phone multiple times, but for other unrelated reasons.

I noticed that the problem seems intermittent, and I do wonder since the captured motion video needs to be sent to the cloud server for storage, and I am not sure how much the app is involved. if the camera or the cloud server is busy relaying the video, whether it could cause the app to stall if it fails to connect to either?