Wyze app on iPod

I have an Apple iPod (discontinued and abandoned by Apple). It runs iOS 12.5.7 which is the latest revision that will run on the iPod (current revision for everything else is in the 15’s I think).

I installed the Wyze app and it told me I couldn’t install the latest revision but it would give me the latest one I could run under iOS 12. That turned out to be Wyze app revision 2.31.1 whereas the latest appears to be 2.41.5.

It seems to work with the cam-floodlight and the indoor-outdoor cam V3 but I can’t get it to recognize my cam-pan-V3.

Is that to be expected?

I’m running revision 2.41.5 on my Android phone and iPad and they recognize the cam-pan-V3 no problem.

Yes - expected. The V3 Pan did not exist when 2.31 was released.