Wyze App - No checkbox displayed to indicate solid blue light on base station

The checkbox where you indicate the base station is displaying a solid blue light and is connected is not displayed in the Wyze app during Base Station set up. Unable to complete this step. (Apple iPhone 12 running 15.2.1)

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Can you post a screen shot of what your seeing? What app version are you using? Do you happen to have your displayed fonts supersized, that might have the check box bumped off the screen? I am not a IOS user, lets see if any one the IOS using @Mavens that have the WCO can drop in here to see if they cant help.


I actually have a NIB base station from pre-order that I pulled out to test.

I am on an iPhone 12 Max pro ver 15.3
Using the Wyze App ver 2.28.0 (a11)

Not sure what the original Firmware was for the base station at launch, but this base station would have it given its never been used. was the first update, so earlier than that.

I was presented with selection box and could select it


Nice! Thanks for checking on that.


Thanks for the replies, I was able to get through this step. I just tapped in many places across the bottom portion of that screen where I thought it should be and eventually found the specific spot where the check box actually is but no visible and got it checked.

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glad you got it working! yea it looks like you font size or screen zoom is way to zoomed in to much to display everything. Check out your font size vs @R.Good s above you. If you continue to have issues you may need to downsize your display font to have more stuff show…

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