Wyze App Needs New Look

So I’ve have Wyze cameras for many years now as long with various things. But the app interface is bad. It really needs an interface update. Instead of the row with each device, make them square with the symbol for the device with the name below it. That way you can make them two across and not be scrolling. The newer products embrace modern looks, though having Wyze pan v3 not using usbc is lame. Now bring the app a new look. More modern, it’s very simple(which is great) just needs to look different for better appeal.

Maybe they could devote 90% of the screen to more advertising and just leave a tiny square that would allow you to pick a single camera to view. Then maybe have a pop up with more advertising before you could view the feed for the camera you select. I mean, with the way they are headed now, that’s where it’s going to end up, why not just do it now?

There is currently a beta app version which refreshes the apps home tab interface. I believe it’s closer to what you’re looking for than the current production version. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get out to the masses.

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