Wyze app logs me out

So i am noticing on my devices i get logged out ever so often.
Is there a reason for that and a setting i can change to keep it logged in?
if my app gets logged out i dont get notifications at all.

Is this going to be fixed any time soon?

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As far as I know, there’s an auto logout every 7 days for security purposes. Are you getting logged out more often than that?

My iPads crash every 24 hours without fail, so I’ve never gotten to a 7-day logout, lol.

It could be that the iPad crash is leaving the app in a state requiring a new login. iPad crashing every day is very unusual, so something else is going on there. Perhaps a trip to the Genius Bar is in order.

I’m not the original poster, I don’t need to log back in after a crash. I have 2 iPads doing it, an Air 2 and a 2018 iPad, I doubt many people leave their apps running 24/7, so I doubt may have the opportunity to experience this.

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