Wyze app is terrible!

I’m very upset with the wyze app and cams. Things were going smoothly for several months, then after the previous update everything fell apart.

I posted about this previously, I could only view two of my 6 cams per login. Didn’t matter which two cams. I started a ticket with wyze support and went through all of their procedures without any resolution. Wyze admitted that this same issue is affecting many customers and there’s not a resolution.

Now today a new update was available and I thought great, they finally addressed this. Nope! No fix for the issue and same problem still persists. If the wyze folks can’t get their stuff together and start putting out reliable updates then I see this company not being around that much longer. You can’t sell a product that doesn’t work correctly.

There is nothing wrong on my end, we have verified it over and over again. It’s definitely an issue with the app. It happens on all of my three phones, wife or 4glte.

I can’t recommend wyze products to anyone at this time as the reliability just isn’t there.

what phone are you using?

The update today was firmware, the issue you are referring to was caused by an app update. The fix will come in another app update, they are working on this as a top priority but as of yet I have not heard a time table. A temporary fix until then is to roll back to app version 2.4.82. I have included a link to it. Be sure to uninstall your current app and turn off automatic updates so it does not update again to the one that is not working.


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Word to the Wyze - IF you get something that WORKS make sure you can reload both APP and FIRMWARE before upgrading to get “new” features, which you may not need or want.
And make sure wherever you get the upgrades from are not on automatic upgrade.

This is an ongoing problem, add a couple of features, break another feature,
One solution is to get enough cams that you can try upgrades out on a few while keeping most on what is stable for you.

Another ‘solution’ is to get a couple of iPhones and Android smartphones. Then one can try out a new version of the app to discover what it breaks.

A better solution would be for Wyze to do more rigorous regression testing on their software (app) and firmware (devices) before releasing.

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