Wyze app in the Amazon Fire / Kindle app store

A wyze employee would have to answer that question, as of right now this wishlist topic is tagged maybe- later :neutral_face:

I beg to differ, HD.
They put a vote button at the top of this thread. I didn’t do it. Why else would they do this?

You have the option of voting or not voting for other members ideas.
They created this section to get ideas about what customers want.
If you decide to vote you are not voting for something wyze is created , you are only voting on an idea from another member.


Count me in on the vote. I sideloaded wyze app but I have to turn off 2fa for it to work. I’m running tinycam pro paid version but it freezes alot especially during low light conditions on my 4k firestick. Not a bandwidth issues as I have fios gig service. No freezing when viewing on my iPad, Android phone, etc using wyze app. I have not tried tinycam pro on my iPad, Android phone, etc to see if the issues are just on the stick. Don’t like using the alexa skill as its slow to load, the delays, and it times out. I run my cameras 24/7 on a monitor with a 4k firestick.

Continues stream to Fire Tablet or Android Tablet. A multiple cameras continuous stream would be awesome.

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Yeah, please add wyze app


Fire tablets are great AND less expensive like WYZE

Worked on fire HD until update. Come on. Using kindle as home automation interface. Please get something going for Kindle HD. Recommended your cameras to others but will be looking for other that work with kindle


Makes no sense in 2021 not to have an app available for Amazon tablets.


Still waiting for this…


I think its so funny that we can buy a Wyze camera and other Wyze stuff on Amazon. We can use a Fire TV stick or Alexa Show to display the image from the Wyze camera, BUT we can’t get the app and install it on a Fire Tablet. Can someone explain the logic behind that, please?


I can buy a Portal from Facebook and not be able to cast my Oculus Quest 2 onto it, either - all Facebook products. Not everyone’s eco-systems are as well integrated as Apple’s.

Same here

I don’t know what apple has to do with this. The app runs on Android. Fire devices are developed around Android. How difficult can it be?

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Money. As in how much do they believe Fire customers will bring in. They’re in business for themselves, not us.

I’ve added my vote as well. I’m currently using a old Galaxy S5 to monitor the front of the house and you can see considerable burn-in now on the LCD. Would like a bigger view, but definitely don’t want to be ruining the LCD of an expensive tablet or phone. I see refurb Amazon Fire tablets on sale for crazy cheap prices all the time, so I’d like to use one of those as a dedicated wyzecam monitor. Would not care about LCD burn-in on those.


Vote added. Amazon Appstore is very close to Google Play, but has different in-app purchasing methods. This should be a relatively easy port. Amazon Fire tablets are popular and inexpensive means of monitoring Wyze cams, so I hope Wyze will consider this after 3 years of comments and requests.

Add me too

Well, I discovered something interesting about Amazon Fire Tablets and Wyze cameras. I created an Alexa Routine and directed the Wyze Camera to display the to the Fire HD Tablet and it worked. Using the people detection on the Wyze as the trigger for the routine, the image appears on the Fire HD for about 3 minutes before it disappears. Better-n-nuthin’. (So far.)

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