Wyze app in the Amazon Fire / Kindle app store

Because Window Phone is 100% for right now for Microsoft so I got a unbrand android phone.
I as ways want a Star Trek tablet and got it in the kindle HD8. The Kindle is base on Andoid but Amazon lock it up. But there is a way to unlock it and putting on Play store. I can use the Wyze app and Nest app on the kindle like mine phone. I got Google Voice where I can make phone calls if needed. Pay bills on it. Can watch cable tv fast then turning on the tv. The only thing about the tv it a 36" bigger then mine Kindle. Kindle is faster then tv booting up and the remote only good for movie.
Down the road I will get a blue Kindle and put a pin lock. Just this one kindle is for pay bills only. If I added a 4k camera it has it own app too.

The only thing about tinCAM Monitor PRO I saw on Youtube is watch many camera at the same time. The problem with that the data plan I have on the phone.
I am looking in to a Blue Iris where a computer record all the time.

I would love to see the app on Amazon so I could view on my fire 10 he thanks

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Put on the play store to your Kindle. Then you have all the access to play store apps too.

I just downloaded tinyCam PRO and it works great on a 7" 7th Generation Fire. I set up two Wyze Cams easily and they are up and running. Nice to be able to see two or more cameras at the same time.

Add an app for the fire tablets

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Yes i definitely would love for it to be available! My autistic son is all over the place and i love that this has notion sense so those times where he’s being sneaky and quiet it can catch him moving on camera! Only issue is we have 3 tablets already all amazon! I don’t want to buy yet another or the echo show or whatever just to have it act as a baby monitor at night! It definitely would come in handy for us, as now we have to use our old broken baby monitor to see and hear their room. It no longer moves that’s why we got these !

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Hi, check out a previous post of mine, I am still using this arrangement on a few amazon kindle devices today:

Please just develop an app for Fire tablets so I do t have to sideload google play.


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I was going to purchase Amazon Fire tablet to use as my cam monitor and I to my surprise I found out that you’ll don’t have the Wyze app for Kindle store. It would be amazing if you’ll could make the app available for kindle store. I don’t want to pay for a tablet and still go through extra work of side-loading google play which also probably might void the warranty.


Hey Wyze, have you considered potential increase in customers if they could buy an inexpensive tablet to use as a permanent monitor? I mean, buy a 20 to $25 wyze cam, and then $35 to $50 for a fire tablet!

I would love to be able to have a permanent baby monitor, for a total of $60!

I also would like an Amazon app for Wyze!


Make sure you got the vote button. I don’t think they count comments!

Lee Bosset

Voted for this app to be made!


Mother in law has fire HD 10 tablet 7th Gen.
Side loaded wyze app v2.10.74 from apkpure, works fine. No Google store or anything else added. If this won’t work for you, Tinycam is the only other answer.

Is it too late to vote for this as well? I would really like an app for the amazon fire tablet.

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This is a no brainer. I would guess there are over 100 million people in the US that own Amazon Fire Tablets. Those with Wyze cams would love having a second larger screen to view their cam videos. They would be able to make calls and text while still watching cams.


Please add me to the Amazon Fire Wyze support wish list.

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Hello @cyanni and welcome to the community.

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Please work on the app for the Amazon app store…I would like to access my cameras on my fire tablet like I do my blink cameras.

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I am really surprised given the number of Wyze products that there still isn’t a Wyze application in Amazon’s app store.

You guys just released headphones with Alexa built in… but still don’t have a Wyze App for the camera’s on the Alexa store?

Note: I am more often than not highly critical, so I say this with …kind… bluntness. It would be WYZE to get your priorities straight. Maybe instead of focusing so much on new products, you focus on the platforms to expand a userbase to utilize the products you already have. Amazon’s fire tablet’s marketshare has been skyrocketing and since it is built on Android’s OS. I imagine some sort of port would be achievable.

Of course there is probably a lot of eye rolls for any Wyze employee that reads this… just my 2 cents

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