Wyze app in the Amazon app store for Fire / Kindle and other devices

Maybe the question we should ask Wyze is, How many people? How many times must we ask for this Fire HD app before they will put resources toward development? Then we simply comply.

The real question I am asking is WHY did I buy all these Wyze cameras. :man_shrugging:

I know, I know, ask me… please. Even without this Amazon Fire app, these are still the best darn IP based cameras that we can buy for our use. Then on top of being best, they are only $20 each. You can put them everywhere for $20.

BTW, anyone notice how sometimes they simply time out and you must restart them to bring them back online? I have a couple of the Wyze plugs. I plug the camera’s power adapter into the Wyze plug. Then when I need restart the camera - I am already even in the Wyze app, and drop down and off/on the plug. Bingo !! restarts.

Voted for this to be added to Amazon App Store. I did sideload google play method which works, but it would be nice to be able to ask Alexa on the tablet to open the app. Also the audio drops out if you ever ask Alexa anything while in app.

In TOTAL agreement here! Please, many users have kindles! This is rediculous!

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As Wyze has spent so much effort introducing new products in the last year or two, I now believe it is unrealistic to expect them to expend resources on this anymore.

I have gone ahead and installed Google services on my tablet so that it can run the wyze app. I’m assuming Wyze is aware of this hack, which further removes motivation for them to do anything.

Lee Bosset

Any one out there that writes apps for Amazon tablets. I would happily buy your Wyze camera app for $20 if it was available.

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Microsoft announced that Widows 11 will run Android Apps, from the Amazon App Store.

Wyze needs to get the WyzeApp on Amazon App Store, then we can run the app on our computers (if you have Windows 11)


Please consider making the app available from alternate web stores or your site directly, for those people that don’t use or cant use. Some wyze owners don’t use Google play store or Apple app store. Consider Amazon or Fdroid.

Came here to request the same even though Windows 11 will not support Android apps right at their launch date

Same here. I need an inexpensive monitor to help the care givers for my 93 yr old mom

Well, this isn’t going to be the solution. Wyze has introduced about gazillion new products since I first started this thread. They have had plenty of time to add their app to the Amazon app store. If they had any interest, they would have done it long ago. They can’t even provide adequate support for all these new products, much less modify their app to make it available via Amazon.

I doubt there would be much cost involved. It’s likely political.

Look elsewhere for your baby/senior monitoring needs. Nothing to “see” here.

Thank you for responding. Sadly, I believe you are right. Such a shame as I really like the cams, especially the new v3 cam.

It isn’t that difficult to add Play store support to a Fire tablet:

I have the Wzye app installed on mine via this method (along with some other apps that aren’t in the Amazon Appstore).

While there are other inexpensive Android tablets, they tend to not offer as much bang for the buck as a Fire, especially when the Fire’s frequent sale pricing (and predictable rock-bottom Prime Day and winter holiday pricing) are taken into account.


Thank you for this. Was a very useful work around. The price is now 3.99 but worth it so access my cameras using my Amazon tablet

Native would be nice with this bad boy coming out


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As that is an Echo Show, it would already be supported by the Wyze Alexa skill. More to the point, Echo Show devices can’t run Fire apps.

Good point. Device manager will be cool on a 15in mountable though.

I was able to add the Google play store to my Kindle. I search the Google play store and there’s not a wyze app available. Anyone know what the deal is or how I can fix it?

Probably can’t fix it, the Wyze app requires android 7 or above, and the fire OS on a kindle might be built on an older android version.