Wyze APP failure all day

All day APP failures. 1. Failed to update device error code-1. 2. Deletion failed. So cannot delete and add back devices. 3. Failure to sign out. 4. Failed to update short cut list. Yes deleted APP and downloaded again…all same errors. I had to remove all my Wyze light bulbs from our areas and put in regular light bulbs not to sit in the damn dark. All I got from support was we will email you once we figure ot out. No email. This started at 9 am this morning and it is now 8:23 pm…

It sounds like a possible server connection failure. I got one of those last night but it resolved quickly. Did you try controlling the bulbs by other means… like Alexa or Google Home?

I can’t…the APP got rid of my Google Home and it isn’t connected to it anymore. When I xalked support said working on APP failure. So here we sit…still waiting

Please explain. My Wyze Account is linked thru my Google Home App, every one of my devices is accessible, and I use the power button Google Home Launchpad to toggle my Wyze devices on and off on a daily basis.

When I go to Google Home…all devices off line…so I could not do it there either.