Wyze app crashes on Moto z force phone

Works well on our IOS devices however, Android 8.0 Moto z force. Tried rebooting phone. Clear app data, clear cache. Uninstall and reinstall app. Same thing. App crash constantly. I love these cams. Fortunately I carry an iphone from work.

Just got my wyze2 yesterday and I am using an LG Q7+ running Android 8.1 with 4gb ram and it crashes 50 percent of the time when i go into the app to view live feed or do almost anything. There is also a 5-10 second delay between when I select something and when it will register within the app which is a huge problem especially when there is already around a 10 second delay from the time the camera senses motion and when I get notified so by the time I get notified there is someone delivering a package or coming to the front door they have already left by the time I get into the app to view it on camera so this makes the 2 way audio useless because they are already gone by the time i can access the app and press to talk. Im very disappointed and gonna give it some more testing before I return it because this would be the perfect camera if it just worked smoothly and faster.