Wyze App constantly unpairing cameras with paid cam pro plus subscriptions

Hello, literally every time I sign in to app, assign my cameras their paid cam pro license , set event notifications (with AI, part of the cam pro subscription fee), immediately after using another app, not hard closing the Wyze app (although that triggers the same problem as well), the second I go back to Wyze app- the app will always bring me to a payment screen for each camera that I have the license for.

Then on the service tab, it still shows both cameras with paid licenses applied to each, yet unable to receive any AI notifications, which is the only reason i bought the services to begin with. For the app to momentarily “work” , the work around i was told on customer service # is to unassign each license, shut off cameras, log out of app, force close app, re open app, login to app, reassign licenses to each camera , re set the notification settings, and until the second i leave the Wyze app, it works as it should- immediate after leaving Wyze app, this entire process restarts.

This is asinine.

Please help

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