WYZE App Badges and Stickers... Let's Talk about'em

I have actually submitted a ticket regarding the app badges, humbly letting them know that the request was very low in priority… this was sometime ago. I did check back in on that ticket and it had been closed with no resolution.

I don’t want to waste Wyze support resources on such a low priority item, but will keep inquiring from time to time.

I like the stickers but I had no idea there were badges in the app :thinking:

I thought the stickers were only for pre-ordering or being a backer, do all Wyze products come with them now?

Anywho I thought the “backer” stickers were a nice touch when I got my first one.

Some of the products I purchased were simply because I thought the price was reasonable and because times were hard and I wanted to support a company that actually listened to their customers. And you know wasn’t evil or anything :upside_down_face:

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I am the same. I just got the CamPan v2 in and set it up. Got it to play and test with, then will relocate at my in-laws as the are older and my wife likes watching to make sure they are ok.

But there is no Badge for the v2 in the app for some reason. It actually lit up the old CamPan v1 badge, and no backer border on it. :slight_smile:

Oh well.

I don’t think my pan v2 has shipped yet so maybe they will have that fixed by the time mine comes haha

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I couldn’t agree more. I like the badges, and just checked and I am missing a few as well. But as it was stated, it is a low priority for me too…

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Next step, wish-list request. :wink:


Getting the twitches again😁



OMG! I thought I was the only one! You have no idea how relieved I am to know I am not alone. :upside_down_face:

I did get both of the cordless vacuums and the night lights. But how are the badged ever going to be activated with no connection to the app? Some people said you needed to buy them through the app. But in my opinion, it shouldn’t matter.

It seems like the last product that has the “Early Access” boarder (for me at least) is the HMS. I think it was shortly after that that they switched from selling products as “Early Access” to “Pre-Order.” So I suspect we will not be seeing that boarder until they return to Early Access sales.

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I have an outdoor plug backer badge and I don’t have any. All my other badges are there except the night light.

Another twitch in the :brain:

No digital badge for the Lamp Socket in the Wyze App, but I got a sticker with a backer boarder.

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I’ll jump in here as well. I have night lights, socket, handheld vac and stick vac but no badges showing for them. This happened once before and support was able to do something on their end and they suddenly appeared in my app.

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How about the switches? I got the lamp socket one but my switches (2 orders) did not come with the sticker. I haven’t set up in the app yet to see if I got the app badge.

I pre-ordered 2 3-Packs of the Wyze Switches, no sticker.
Bought 2 Single Pack Wyze Switches at the local HD , No Sticker
There is a Badge in the App though

I also purchased the Wyze Flood Light that same day since they had it even though I pre-ordered one from Wyze, No Sticker.

I have yet to get my pre-order Wyze Flood Light so no clue if there is a sticker in there. I have also yet to install the flood light, so not sure if there is a badge… but my guess is there isn’t since there is no greyed out badge in the app to unlock.

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You have unlocked badges for the night lights and handheld vac?

No… I’m saying I don’t have them showing (unlocked). This happened once before with another product and support was able to “unlock” it.

Gotcha, I read it as support was able to unlock them.

Part of the driver here, to see if we can get them unlocked :beers:

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oh shoot now you mention it I bought the floodlight same day too from home depot - no sticker :confused:

my doorbell pro and scale s better have one!

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