WYZE App and CamPan firmware

I have a problem with the App after upgrading the firmware of my cameras to They are showing offline with Error code 90 and I have not live streaming. But surprisingly the cameras are reacting to the movements, following the moving objects and I am receiving the 12 second motion notifications, which declares that the cameras are not offline. I am using iPhone 6+S on iOS 13.7. If anybody had the same issue and found a solution please let me know.
I have already reboot the router and the cameras several times but no success.

Sound like server related how long ago did you do the update ?
I’d wait a day or 2 to see if it fixes itself.

Clear cache and Force restart of the app may work.

Thank you gku2,
It is more than 10 days. I already emailed the WYZE support but still haven’t received and meaningful solution. How do you think if I delete the App and download it again from Appstore? If I reinstall the app, do I need to connect the cameras again?

I see …
As long you use the right account info as before your cams should all be there when you log back in.

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Thank you. I will try reinstalling the app. fingers crossed.

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Also, if you haven’t already tried… log out of the app (Wize app home > Account > Sign out button at bottom of screen) then try logging back in.

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Thank you Seapup. I will inform you all about the result

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Hum …also some had issues with VPNs.
If you using …try turning it off and see.

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I am not using VPN. Sign out has not solved the issue. I will go for reinstalling now

I installed a fresh App on my iPad and logged in. Unfortunately the cameras are still showing offline (Error Code 90) is there any way to downgrade the cameras firmware?

I saw something similar at one of my install sites with a solid network connection there. I opted to go with Beta App and firmware (.174) and problem went away. I can’t say whether it was entirely the app or firmware updates.

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Thank you Simple. How can I get the Beta App and the firmware.174? On the other hand I am away from my cameras stocked in AU and cant go back for Covid restrictions. Is it possible to upload firmware .174 from distance remotely?

You have to sign up on that page I linked to above. Once signed up and using the Beta version of app the new firmware showed up as available. I am primarily using IOS with my cameras so beta apps are published through the Apple TestFlight application

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Have you tried using cell data only and WiFi data only ?

Also login with a different device to rule out iOS issue ?

Yes I did. No difference. I also installed a fresh App on my iPad and logged in. Unfortunately the cameras are still showing offline (Error Code 90)
is there any way to downgrade the camera firmware?

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Yes but you would need to download to a uSD card, insert into cam and manually reboot. Can’t do remotely. For Pan Cam previous release is (March 18, 2020)

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Thank you dr.know. I need a way to proceed remotely, but very useful link to the firmwares download.