Wyze App 2.9+ Released - 3/31/20

Wyze app version 2.9+ is releasing today! Please note that app approval takes more time right now so you may not see the update today.

iOS : 2.9.56
Android: 2.9.62

  • Added support for Wyze Scale
  • Added support for Wyze Band
  • Bug fixes

Read our Release Notes here:


Android v2.9.62 is out in the Google Play store. Downloaded, updated and running on my Android phones. :+1:

Any word on when Wyze app updates will be restored for Android tablets? No big deal for me as I just sideload the app, but will soon become an administrative nightmare for Wyze and new cam users with Android tablets.


I truly wish I had an answer on that one. We’re still looking into it.


Thank you for the reply. FYI… in addition to various flavors of Android (6-10) phones, I’ve been continuously running sideloaded v2.9.62 on Android 6 & 9 tablets for the past 6 hours with no probs. :+1: Keep up the good work and stay safe over there! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the information! I’ll share it with the team. :slight_smile:

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In addition to V2 and Pan cameras, I also have a number of V1 cameras. Under “Release Notes and Firmware” the latest version for V1 cameras is . But the App tells me that my current F/W of is up to date. I prefer to use the App for F/W updates rather than a cold install from an SD card. What should I do to update my V1 F/W?

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In that case, I would recommend flashing the firmware. Not sure why your app wouldn’t be showing the most recent version. :thinking: