Wyze app 2.44 - Released 8/1/2023

This update caused another problem with iOS devices. On the Events page there is no recorded video shown on the current day until I press the day button, then they show up.

Also, the picture at the beginning of this thread showing an iPhone in landscape mode with a full screen camera view, I don’t see that on my iPhone 13 Mini, I have boarders on each side. Does this not work for the 13 series?

Yea, on most apps music is paused when the app is trying to use the speakers. That seems like the intended behavior to me

Sigh…this is getting tiresome.

Sometimes the menu bar in iOS/iPad OS is respected, other times, like now [2.44] it is not. Once again, when in landscape mode, the iPadOS menu items are drawn over the interface for the Wyze App … making the right indicators show over Wyze’s buttons, and the time on the left is drawn over the back button, but, because it’s not respected the button is now harder to press exactly. This is especially tiring because the app does not respect the theme of the device … the menu bar items are always black, and they can’t be seen except for the areas of the Wyze app buttons they draw over.

The “Try rules:” coming up on almost every single launch of the app is ridiculous. There is already an area for making rules in the account section. Oh, and also, every single time I leave one camera view to go back to the main listing of cams, the friggin’ thing pops up again.

There are many other issues … but, I am trying my very hardest to be patient … I really wish the programmer (s) could respect the OS they are writing for instead of going out of their way to do their own thing. Android and Apple OSes have ways of handling and drawing live video that ‘just work’ with regard to aspect ratio and targeting window frames so the scale is correct, and also, not drawing under or over OS specific features like time and such.

I specifically did not sign up for betas … but it certainly looks and feels like I am beta testing here.

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Hey Rodger

You’ve been around from purty near the beginning. I guess you’re suggesting it’s trending ‘worse’, yeah?

To me, it’s about the same: not great, but trending slightly better…

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The camera box will be green and show how many cam if you put a check mark in each box. I just leave mine all blank so I can see what all the cameras have recorded.


Well, trending is kind of subjective. Obviously there are some additions to the app since it first came out and Wyze had so many devices to connect to it. Sure, there will be some issues here and there, but it’s very surprising to me that there do seem to be more flubs now than the early days…just with the camera aspect of the app.

I know Android doesn’t shift or change as much as Apple’s OS, but I am becoming increasingly worried that Wyze’s programmers are not going to be able to keep up with what is coming down the pipeline … the hole Wyze management is digging with the app currently is getting pretty deep … I just hope they can get it up to par with basically every other app out there for camera surveillance.

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I like the new look of the v3 playback timeline bar. It is so much easier to read than the original.

I am also having this/these same issues. Hopefully we’ll get a hot fix very soon, as it’s tedious to have to keep hitting the gear icon just to shift video views of my cameras. :frowning: …also, if you try to select ‘Play Back’ from one of those ‘frozen screens’, it’ll just never show the playback until you go through the gear icon and back scenario. I’m an IOS user.

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I love dark mode because it’s easy on the eyes and uses less power on my phone, but wish it was available on all the screens in the app, instead of just live view and playback of event recordings.


Only thing you can do is delete your group then you can see and control your camera. Group was great for organization and live view of all camera’s! Hopeful a fix will come!

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It’s not practical for me to delete the groups, as I have 30 cameras in 6 groups. I now have to carry an extra device with me that I didn’t take this bad iOS update on

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Same thing on my end. Can the last update be rolled back and can Wyze please beet test these things before releasing them?

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I agree, the updates lately are poor and they are not tested properly.

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This update should be pulled back. It’s ridiculous to have to work around the poor updates.

Major connectivity issues with Android App Production Release 2.44

I ran the 2.44 Beta RC and had no connectivity issues. All cams loaded very quick into group live stream and individual live stream.

Updated to Production release and most cam streams freeze at “Loading Live Stream” while in group and fail to load Live Stream. It will load the first group, however all group Live Streams after that just hang at “Loading Live Stream”.

Uninstalled 2.44 app and installed from APK, no issues. Near instantaneous loads of all cams in all groups.

Updated via Google Play to 2.44, issue with freezing and stalling Live Stream loads immediately returned.

Uninstalled 2.44 and reinstalled, issue fixed again.

Something changed between the 2.44 Beta RC and the 2.44 Production.


You should make dark theme in the entire app like the Ring app. Why you only add dark theme in Livestream and events?The white color in the app is super annoying…

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Hey doc

App Production Releases are sometimes dictated by firm product launch dates? App v2.44 & Battery Cam Pro, in this case. Can’t set up the new cam without the new app kinda thing. Just speculating. :man_shrugging:

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Read up from here:

The plot thickens. :wink:

Your are correct another great iOS update. Go to events, nothing, tap on 2 August button- Events. This was my iPad. I never learn and I am frustrated with the iOS app updates every time.


Wyze just posted an App HotFix.